AAUA: Water Drainage System A Solution to Heavy Rain Fall

The heavy downpour of rain in Akungba community is suppose to be a blessing to all occupants of the community but it’s quite unfortunate that it’s not so to the students of Adekunle Ajashin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) who make use of the Obasanjo Multipurpose small gate (popularly known as OBJ small gate) as their way in & out of the university.

Investigations carried out by this reporter shows that the OBJ small gate is always a pool of water once there is a heavy rainfall in Akungba as this passage lacks a drainage of water. It is seen that the two small gates are the only channel of water in the entrance.

Also, it explains that the passage has always been like that for the past 10 years whenever it rains.

A printing press owner along the area, Bayo Akinwale said: “this place has always been like this since I got here which is about 5years ago, in fact the erosion do enter my shop most times which I had to get stands for my machines so that the rain will not penetrate inside.”

Also,a trader who sells soft drinks and snacks at the entrance said:” once it’s about to rain, I will have to start packing my goods because of the heavy wave of erosion, sometimes the rain packs away some of my goods if the rain doesn’t make any sign before it drops.”

She lamented that the gate proper reconstruction and water drainage system should be put in place to reduce the heavy wave of erosion coming out of the school.

A final year student of AAUA who pleaded on anonymity said: “This gate has been like this since I came to this school right from my pre-degree days,I have to rush home once I know it will rain otherwise I will have to pass through another gate. It was even better when the big gate was opened, because from the big gate,I can get #50 bike to my house along OBJ small gate (5 minutes walk from the gate), but now that it is closed,I will have to wait for the erosion to go away before going home.”

She also said:“The school management should please help us look into this issue and we are pleading, it should not be when the erosion disrupts things before necessary things are done.”

During the course of the interview, this reporter noticed the fallen walls of the school car lot (car Park). Facts have it that the fence has fallen for the past 6years and ever since then,the fence has not been reconstructed rather they use iron sheets to patch the fallen part of the fence.

On interviewing some of the occupants around, a computer shop owner said, this iron sheet has been there since I came here and it’s about 6years ago,the iron sheets has once fallen also, this is the second time it’s fallen now and I can assure you that if the school management can make necessary drainage system,the fence won’t collapse again.”

Students and occupants of the area pleaded with the school management to help them in construction of water drainage as erosion really affects them once it rains.



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