AAUA WATCH: AAUA Student Hosts Poetry Competition As Winner Emerges

The Second edition of the Shelter of Freedom Poetry Competition has come to an end after receiving over 40 entries. The Shelter of Freedom Poetry Competition is an annual competition that is organized to celebrate the founder Mr. Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle Adisa’s birthday on December 15 who is a student of the department of political science Adekunle Ajasin University.

The first edition started in 2020 which saw Olumide Oripinye as the first eventual winner of the competition.

Miss Olugbile Christiana Aderinsola is the second winner of the Shelter of Freedom Poetry Competition, she emerged victorious after series of review from the panelists.

Here is an interview with Miss Olugbile Christiana Aderinsola

Reporter: A brief Background about yourself?

Christiana: I’m a 300 level student from the department of English Education University of Ibadan. I’m from Ogun State.

Reporter: When did you start writing?

Christiana: I started writing around April 18 2020

Reporter: What was your motivation towards writing?

Christiana: Firstly, It was Boredom due to the lockdown that made everyone stay at home

Reporter: What exactly are you into aside studies?

Christiana: I’m into photography

Reporter: How do you feel at first when you heard you won the Shelter of Freedom poetry competition?

Christiana: I was very happy as this was a very different one entirely because I never put my mind into the competition.

Reporter: What challenges did you faced while giving this competition your best shot?

Christiana: The only challenge I faced was that I was still in a competition while I was writing for this contest.

Reporter: What do you have to say to every poet like you?

Christiana: They should keep trying because l don’t really see myself as the best though but l don’t feel less of myself.

My motto
We should keep inking
Our pen, our weapon to reach the peak

That’s the end of the interview we had with Miss Christiana the Second edition winner of the Shelter of Freedom Poetry Competition

This competition was initiated to celebrate the founder birthday every year on the 15th of December.

Once again, congratulations to every participants.

Click here to read the poem


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