AAUA WATCH: AAUA Student Emerge as First Female NAAS Global President

AAUA Student emerge victorious at the just concluded election at the National level of National Association of Akure Students.

Funso Esther Oluwadunsin, a student of  mass communication 400level emerges as the 62nd and the first female national president of the national association of Akure students. This came after the election was conducted on the 24th of December, 2021 amidst security presence.

Funso Esther Oluwadunsin P.K.A Mamsy Dee emerges with 48votes and Adegoroye Oluwaseun A.K.A Teacher from EKSU had 14votes. Prior to the election, it was seen that a particular candidate stepped down for Mamsy Dee which aid the victory at the polls.

In a statement received from the President Elect Mamsy Dee “I specially appreciate my counterparts in the presidential race, Comrade Adegoroye Oluwaseun P.K.A Teacher for his doggedness and sagacity in the contest, worthy of appreciation is my capacity brother and leader Comrade Akerele Peter for believing in me. Thank you!”

She assured of an inclusive governance once she starts her administration.

It is of great importance that students from the prestigious State University are doing well off campus.


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