AAUA SU hint on resumption amidst COVID-19

On Tuesday, 17 November, the president of the Student Union Obagunwa Oluwasegun popularly known as Supreme gave a hint that the school is set to resume academic activities since the state government and management are arriving at a favourable juncture on pending issues.

Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) like many other public universities in Nigeria went on a hiatus of eight months, causing the break in academic activities due to the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus.

It is worth recalling that the Ondo State government, under the leadership of Governor Arakunrin Rotimi Akredolu permitted the opening of tertiary institutions in the state amidst COVID-19. AAUA management through the Committee on Post COVID-19 Free University Community (CPCFUC), AAUA took it as a point of duty to put up a hand washing stand and signboard at the school entrance.

The preventive measures put in place gave the students an iota of hope that there is a possibility of resumption this year. The social media updates from the principals of the student union reawakened the hope of AAUA students on the resumption.

Comrade Supreme however urges the student to prepare ahead for their examinations, as this is the sole aim for resuming the session later this month. On his status, “All the necessary apparatus has been successfully put in place, all things being equal, circular loading…VIVA ALUTA”.

Few members of the cabinet have also shown some positivity drawn from their posts on various social media. Comrade Adegreat the Social director hint “that students should start preparing for resumption as resumption is feasible”.

Comrade Barryfem and Comrade Joel have all confirmed that the management is set for resumption and as such they have played their part and the ball is now in the court of students to play their part by preparing for examinations.

Since a myriad of AAUA Student Union executives members hinted on a very-soon resumption date, eyeballs have been raised, tongues have been restless about the actual time of the much anticipated resumption circular.

In view of this, AAUA Insider hopes that the circular is release soonest as we wish all AAUAITES happy resumption in advance and success in future examinations.


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  1. We appreciate the great effort of the governing body of the student in ensuring our resumption this year, nevertheless we ask that you should as well be sure not to enter any deal of NO SCHOOL FEE NO EXAM o, e jo ooo help beseech the management of they’re ever planning that.

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