AAUA SU 001: Supreme’s administration, his successor

The top seat race of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko has left the students in a state of anticipation. Students from distinct departments and faculty have started showing interest in this race and have been working in terms of canvassing in order to solicit for support from the possible student electorates.

Some of this aspirants went as far as organizing tutorials, buying sachet water for freshers during their GST’s examinations to quench their taste, guiding them through their course registrations, among others. Apparently, some students from this political hospitality got to show interest in some while loathe others. This is just the dynamism of humans, which is one of the consequences of politics though, it’s either you’re liked or hated.

This political nature of students and their favourite was displayed on the day of primary elections were observed where the winner to represent the department among the whole candidates who showed interest was pronounced, then candidates got to know their fate. The primary election is said to be the beginning of the race but from its result, interested candidates were able to generalize on the number of students in support of their distinct enthusiasm in unionism.

On February 5, 2020 a student of the department of Guidance and Counseling under the faculty of Education named Obagunwa Oluwasegun Daniel popularly known as Supreme was pronounced as the winner of AAUA Students Union president (001). He was expected to stay in office for just a year but the defect of COVID-19, which induced a long term lockdown extended his tenure in office, which as well gave him more room to execute his agenda.

In his administration, new spacious shuttles were purchased, fight against the hike in transportation fare among transporters in the school and outside, construction of barricade to curb accident induced by truck drivers, care and concern for victims who were both affected in the gas explosion and motor accident that occurred on Saturday, January 23, 2021 by paying them visit from time to time, and the recent fight against unstable power supply from the PHCN at their offices in Akungba-Akoko and Ikare-Akoko.

These indeed are great achievements achieved by his administration and as well as a foundation laid for others who seems to be interested in this position. However, some students claimed his administration is just an unfavorable one because it has nothing to offer the social life most especially sports (football). Over time, students have been anticipating on having more than a football pitch and basketball court to explore their distinct skills but the lack of enough platform for this leaves them curbed and less interested in what they seem to be good at.

Some claimed his administration ought to at least lay a good foundation for the establishment of more sporting grounds, it becomes more complicated when a new policy was introduced, which affects the accessibility of the students to the football pitch most especially. In an interview with a student at the school sport complex, he said: “Now they ask us to be writing letter before we can use the field but the school cannot offer us more than one pitch, so how do they want us all not to be clustered leading to a state of hullabaloo since everyone wants to play without having enough field and now, it’s survival of the fittest.”

With this, I decided to take a walk around the school to be certain of what the respondent said about the partially favorable nature of this administration and got to know the respondent was right. He also said: “Albeit, Supreme administration would have been one of the top notch, however, this area, which he has no influenced on left me a conclusion that it’s a partially favorable administration”.

It’s of no doubt that this administration has just numbered days because primaries to have qualified candidates for AAUASU001 position had been observed and qualified candidates for the election have been pronounced. As at now, the front runners are Kolade Olumide also known as Multiple, Adeinlewa Bisodun Joseph also known as Master B.

Factually, the administration of Supreme really did a whole lot in making students enjoy almost all they needed, however, there are some parts, which the administration didn’t influence which one is the social life and this is one the most expected of the next administration because students tends to be more interested in this area aside that of the academics.

Other areas include; Maintenance of the area against accident especially that induced by trucks, care and concern for students, vigorous fight against poor power supply, among others. I believe if all the aforementioned can be considered, then the maladaptive experiences by students will be eradicated.

Who will be the next man to lead AAUA unionism?



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