AAUA students: What should be your resumption resolution?

Never have education and social distancing been mentioned in the same breath of life, but then Year 2020 came, wrapped with surprises.

2020 was a phenomenal year, call it whatever you like, it was indeed an interesting year, with all the events wrapped, 2020 really ushered us into a new decade in a new way.

With the whole world, getting the pause button and everything having to stand still in the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, busy streets turned ghost towns and life was given a new meaning of social distancing.

Things were done in ways we would not have thought of. The human race had to adjust to the new tone that Mother Nature decided to play all of us.

Our opinions about life changed, new thinking aroused in us to affirm that there is more to life than what we’ve been thinking of, and that we can change our lives to fit in with whatever situation life throws at us. We have been exposed to the new side of the coin.

With the current academic hiatus facing public universities in the country under ASUU, as well as other events that happened in the country, we students have had enough time to think and rethink how we should rediscover ourselves and redirect the course of our lives.

With the long-awaited resumption ticking like a time bomb, students have been on the edge of their seat as the inevitable drum of resumption rolls louder by the day. The question now is “have students changed the way they see their priorities?”

What is your priority?

The question as to what we students hold as our priority is meant to show what we value most, what we cherish.

As an auspicious student of AAUA, what do you value first in your academic life? We all have a list of things we’d love to do on our school bucket list (bucket list is a list of things that one has not done before, but wants to do before dying). However, it’s important to know that what we value most determines the value of our life.

Let’s call a spade a spade and not a garden tool, shall we!

Your books should be your priority, forget the normal student anthem of “School na scam”. Life itself is a school, you’ll be taught if you like it or not.

You weren’t admitted to later discover that school is a waste of time, you’re meant to study. In fact, life is a school where you’ll be taught even if you want it or not. As long as you aren’t living in the jungle in isolation, you’ll mix with people and receive ideas from them.

Being Students of a 21st century university means you need to receive mind opening information in a 21st century way. Whether at the speed of 4G, 5G or any other mobile network generation you prefer, you need to sharpen your mind, and this comes through effective studying.

As the academic situation of universities unfolds, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, the gong is sounding, and resumption seems to be drawing closer. However, it is important that you as a student change the approach to how you study.

The academic resumption will offer to us a fresh page to write our priorities on, and as students it pays to prioritise our books, studying is meant for the mind, as you know, out of the mind ideas are generated. You won’t just say something but you’ll have something tangible to say.

Have you ever wondered how those èfi iwè (brilliant ones) in your class do it. Well I can tell you it’s not magic, although some of them often say “I no too dey read like that o” but how many of us believe that?

It all comes down to setting the right priorities and you’ll see your academics as something that would be more fun filled.

In the words of Nathaniel Emmons “Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters”, becoming a master of good habit means setting your priorities right.

Changing the way you study should be a major part of your resumption resolution. When it comes to your studies, don’t be a passive spectator, take responsibility, become active.

Set aside at least one hour to study, that’s if you’re a starter in the process. Don’t just set time aside but follow it through, there’s no benefit to setting a particular time to study when you aren’t going to follow it up.

As we know, a mind that is stretched by a new idea cannot go back to its original size. Stretch your mind by studying; you’ll be glad you did.

Your inner circle

What’s your blueprint for success? Or let me make it clearer “What are your plans for achieving success?”

You really need to be around partners who are willing to collaborate with you, try new things, and bring out the best in you.

I have heard people say it on different occasions that “You are only as good as the people you move with”. If you hang around people with mediocre minds don’t be surprised that you won’t want to challenge yourself to become better, it’s just a law of attraction.

A new resolution you’ll want to make not just as a student but as someone who is intentional about life is to check your circle of friends. Be sincere with yourself if this inner circle is adding positive value to you or stopping your water from flowing.

The potentials you can reach in life is not only about your brain network (what you have in your head), it’s also related to your social network (people close to you). The people around you have a meaningful influence on your life, so look at your peer group, and don’t deceive yourself. Is it positive?

You’ll never walk alone as long as you’re a human being.

However, that doesn’t mean you just chase the wind and go with everything that flows in your direction. Surely, you need friends but you need them few. You’ve got to be intentional with your life and it starts with who you call your friends.

Your diet

This is a very important aspect of human life that many of us treat as trivial.

A Yoruba adage says “Oun té yè bà jè lè yè ngbè fòò” meaning what a bird eats is what such bird will use to fly.

There’s an interesting acronym made with the word “Diet”

D- Delicacies
I- Ingested
E- Everyday
T- Transforms

Food is what we take in so as to have energy and do our daily tasks. For a diet to be called balanced, it must contain the classes of food in adequate proportion. This is where we stumble most times as students.

We believe “Na wetin i see i go chop” mostly because we sometimes don’t have enough money but this is something we must change in this new year. Eating healthy can’t be overemphasized that’s why AAUA Insider kitchen is there to keep you informed on how to prepare healthy foods with a sufficient amount of money

A new you

You don’t become who you’re meant to be in a day but you can spend your day in line with who you want to become.

Its 2021, setting your priorities right as a student is very important. You need to start seeing your books not just as something you’ll read to pass exams but as something you’ll use to change the world.

There’s a relief actually! You can’t know it all. The more you study, the more you realise you don’t know much about a thing, the more you’ll want to be versed at many things.

As mentioned earlier, your friend circle is also important; you need to move with people of like minds. As a student you are into a trade, you don’t need friends that see what you are doing as a waste of time, you need to be around the positive and corrective ones.

Remember, your life is in your hands and making every moment count should be your top priority.

A better you should be your main goal and this is a chance for a fresh start, you’ll be surprised with where this journey will take you. Make a resolution to do your very best.



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