The Student Union executives of AAUA, met the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) on the 13th October, 2021 concerning the issue of light and its low current when we luckily have them.

The meeting included Mr. George Adeniyi, the BEDC Akungba Branch Manager and delegates from the Student Union Body which included the; AAUASU President; Senate President, General Secretary; Public Relations Officer; Treasurer and Welfare Director.

The discussion at the meeting was centered on the inadequate power supply in Akungba, the lack of relationship between the BEDC and the Students community, the exorbitant bills and lack of notice before disconnecting hostels from their access to electricity was also discussed at the BEDC Akungba branch office on the 13th of October, 2021.

In an attempt to find solution to the listed challenges it was decided that the BEDC Akungba branch would work on developing measures that will provide more power generating source against the only electricity feeder connected to Akungba that is in Okene, Kogi State.

It was also said that as a way of improving the relationship between the BEDC Akungba branch office and Student community, members of the BEDC bridge communications between them and the Student body. Provision of meters for hostels and serving of notice before disconnection would be worked on.

The Student union Body would have to meet with the Business Unit of the company in Owo, which also covers Akungba, for an elaborate meeting with the Students’ Union and the Dean of Students’ Affairs and also write to the BEDC Headquarters to find adequate long lasting solutions to the electricity issues.

It was concluded that after exhausting the first two principles of the Aluta Trinity (3Cs) which are Consultation and Consolidation, yet without any favorable changes, the AAUA Students’ Union Body will be left with no other choice than to resort to the last principle, which is confrontation.
With hope that it would not get to the last C of the Aluta Trinity, preparations are being made to put the possible solutions into action.


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