AAUA students ready for fun at Laff o’clock

Over the years, LAFF O’CLOCK has been the go-to event that satisfies the entertainment needs of the students in AAUA.  Reputed as one of the biggest shows ever to rock the school campus, students are hyped up to see what the show organizers will come up with.

Organised by South West Gate entertainment (SWG), the show is set to be hosted by Incredible and Vibez Machine today at Olusegun Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall (OBJ HALL). The event will pull lots of big-name entertainers across the country to the school campus. Stars to expect are Mama No network, Nepa Boys, Seyi Vibes, Woli 3310 among others.

In an interview with MC Dekola, he disclosed that it will be the biggest show in Ondo state considering the set of names that will be performing. Also, steps are in place with the Social Director’s approval to ensure that the timing is right.

“It’s currently the biggest comedy show in Ondo State at the moment. When you have the likes of Seyi Vibez, Mama No Network, Nepa Boys, Sisi Quadri, Woli 3310 and all other celebrities to headline a show, then you know it’s big.”

“This made us meet the newly elected Social Director (Pattoski) to have a say about the Social event that will take take place days after his election, which coincidentally is barely a month and some weeks to examination.”

“He said that to the best of his knowledge, this event date has been set before the commencement of this semester or the school calendar came out for the semester. If I’m correct, the exam is still over a month and a few weeks away. So it’s not close to the exam at all”, he added.

In an interview with the social director, Pattoski, he stated that students should expect the best of entertainment from the show.

“I’m not in on the show but I’ll say as a personal friend to the organizer Dekola Omo Ibadan, the students have attested to his previous shows and they were wonderful. So hopes are high in this one, let them expect the very best.”

In reactions gathered by AAUA INSIDER, students have shown great pleasure towards the new edition tagged “Why Una dey Lie”.

Oluwanifemi Eunice, from the department of Performing Arts, said that ever since she gained admission, this kind of event hasn’t been organized aside from the one that was organized by the former social director (Adegreat) last semester. She disclosed that she look forward to the uniqueness of this show.

One of the students, OlaGold, said, “It is good to have fun. Thankfully, this program is set to the middle of the semester for students to show up and have fun. You have fun and prepare for examinations.


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