For a community to thrive and witness reasonable development, the importance of securing lives and properties cannot be overemphasized.

Akungba-Akoko, the host community that houses AAUA has been rocked by incessant cases of theft and burglary. The recent rate of unpleasant events that threatens the lives of AAUAites, especially students living in Medoline and Faa best hostel area has been brought to the discussion table among students that live in the areas mentioned.

As it is difficult to focus on one’s studies when one’s life and properties aren’t secured, the affected students who do not want to stay idle on this incessant security challenges took it upon themselves to meet and discuss the way forward.

Folorunso Adekunle Ahmed a student from the department of Political science was the convener of the meeting and at the meeting held today, certain resolves were agreed upon.

When asked of his views Adekunle said, The security issue is way beyond sitting and waiting for the Student Union, we have to take responsibility. So I called for meeting with villas around and we discussed the way forward which led to those recommendations”.

In a bid to make the exercise all inclusive, he added thatJust this evening we visited many villas that were not around for the meeting and we informed them of the new development, we got the phone number of one or two representatives from each villas which we will also continue on Saturday”.

The following statements contain the decisions made at the security meeting:

Security updates

This is to inform every students living in MEDOLINE axis that students security meeting was held today Thursday July 8, 2021 by 9am at Faa-best hostel and about  20 villas around that axis were present to discuss the way forward on the persistent insecurity in that area and some of the resolutions of the meeting was that,*

1. Each villa and hostel must have at least one or two security WHISTLE which  can be use to alert neighboring villa and hostel when there is a anything going on or any suspicious move also any emergency that needs quick intervention.

2. Each villa must have their security WHISTLE before this Saturday as inspection will be done on Saturday to confirm and ensure everyone has gotten theirs.

3. A security WhatsApp platform will be created which will contain at least two active representatives from each villa and the DPO akungba’s number will be use as icon for everyone to have access to it.

3. Each villa should always have their gate locked and guarded and have them closed by at least by 10pm as no late night movement will be tolerated by the vigilante or any security officers.

4. Any students going or coming for night class should have their ID CARD on them and also sleep wherever you find yourself when it’s to avoid embarrassment.

5. All generators should be OFF before 12am and no overnight running of generators will be allowed.

Some selected stakeholders tendered all the above resolutions and recommendations to the Nigerian police force as they visited the office of the DPO AKUNGBA immediately after the meeting, DPO AKUNGBA assure us of his full support, feasible and consistent implementations.

We hereby beseech the students and people living in that axis to cooperate so as to secure our lives and properties.

NOTE: Selected representatives has taken it upon themselves to visit every villas and hostels in that axis by 5pm today so as pass around the information of new developments.

To have your villa and hostel (MEDOLINE AXIS ONLY) on the platform kindly message ADEKUNLE 08146948181.

Thanks for your sincere cooperation may the lord keep protecting us.







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