AAUA: Student writes open letter to Student Union, calls for safety measures for students

A student from the faculty of law, Seyifunmi Francis Adeosun popularly known on campus as “Francophone”. Today July 27th, 2021 he wrote an open letter out of grievances and feelings for humanity, students, and all Akungba inhabitants safety and forward it across to the students populace concerning the passage of trailers and heavily loaded trucks on Akungba road in memories to the Dangote trailer accident that claimed the lives of many innocent students and Akungba indigenes.

Below we have his open letter,

JULY 21ST, 2021

The earth stood still at the awful site of where I call the slaughtering alter where promising lives were slained as a result of carelessness from some quarters, their only offense was trying to make a living and be better citizens.

Anyone who visited the scene of the accident that happened just after the main gate of ADEKUNLE AJASIN UNIVERSITY AKUNGBA-AKOKO, on the 23rd of January, 2021 will irrespective of how hardened his heart is, feel cold.
It was a very awful site which no one prays to see again.

Several lives were lost to this accident. Of course, no one would have ever thought such could happen, probably because “no one knows tomorrow”

On the 24th of same month when students learnt and confirmed those who were victims, with particular references to Adesomoju Samuel Olúwa tóbi (Sampraise) who was the immediate past president of the students union, and Ogini Precious who was a departmental president at that time, the streets went agog, emotions were flowing like a river, penetrating the heart of as many, forcing water to gosh not only from their eyes but almost every part of the body.

It was the song of the moment that heavy-duty motors be stopped with immediate effect. This was not merely a bluff as a barricade was erected just at the entrance of the town from Ìkàré axis.
For a while, this worked and there was no influx of heavy-duty motors. This development gave the residents of the community a bit of respite.
Unfortunately, months later, the barricade was broken and made temporary. Before the twinkling of an eye, our land is greeted with the presence of these heavy-duty motors again.
In fact, it’s as if they have gone for reinforcement and called for backup as they now move in chains.
Despite the decision of the university management to relocate the main gate of the school, which of course was a very sound decision, the fears are gradually becoming increasingly more dreadful.

It will be recalled as well that sometimes in the previous year, a very awful accident happened that claimed many lives, which led to the relocation of the market.

Various individuals have been raising concerns on this issue but it appears the appropriate authorities are not concerned yet.

I have come to realize that in this part of the world, we wait and wait until the same thing happens again before we take steps.
What ordinarily is avoidable might eventually ruin another generation because of the lackadaisical attitude of the powers that be.

Students and stakeholders have made known how concerned they are about this development, but their agitations are greeted with threats. This was demonstrated by men of the Nigerian Army who shamefully took some of our peacefully protesting students, agitating that something is done on the road. Well, thanks to those who stood and saved the arrested students from harassment.

What can be more pathetic, those agitating are described as hoodlums who are only focused on raising dust and causing chaos in the town.
More heartbreakingly, those who we are supposed to run to are allegedly aware of the situation of things but are showing the “I don’t care attitude”
But just like the familiar Yoruba saying that *ẹní bà lòmọ́* that is, you can only tell if it hits you, they see nothing wrong in their actions, majorly because they are or were not majorly affected by the previous accidents.

Yes, we forget things too quickly, but the 23rd of January, 2021 will never depart from our hearts. We will keep in mind that it’s not only a deliberate act but an act of wickedness that those who are supposed to protect us are slaying us.

Anyone seen to be clamoring against the passage of the heavy-duty motors will automatically become the enemy of some people who has seen this as a means of livelihood.

May I state it once again that it’s not a fight against anyone, it’s not a fight for the dead even, but a fight for our own dear lives, so DON’T BE UNFORTUNATE.
It is not heard that when accidents happen some species of human is selected as victims, rather, it takes anyone, irrespective your status, so get some SENSES.

Some persons would even say, “but the accident is not happening now” this obviously shows the level of intelligence of such people though.

It has been our argument that since there are other places those trailers can pass, then they should leave Akungba community out of their route.
As well, we believe that it is Expedient that the state government or any appropriate authorities, work on the road and or even dualize it.

Without any iota of doubt, we have said it often times that if the road remains like that, the possibility of accidents not happening is zero, not even when our street is been paraded by heavy-duty motors on a daily basis.
It is on this note that I join my voice with that of everyone to call the attention of appropriate authorities to look into the fears of the people and not just promise but act on the road.
Our lives are in danger!

The life of man is sacred and no one deserves to die as a result of the carelessness of another person.

Let it be on record that we called for a proactive approach to this, Ire ooo”.

This piece has been published on AAUA INSIDER with very minimal editing to preserve the original voice and views of the author. By Seyifunmi Francis Adeosun.


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