AAUA student stakeholders hold meeting

Student stakeholders under the leadership of Comrade Ogunsanmi Kolade Olumide popularly known as Multiple, held their first meeting on Thursday at the Student Union Building (SUB) Hall discussing the important issues affecting the students.

In attendance were members of the SU Students’ Executive Council (SEC), Members of SU Students’ Representative Council (SRC), Members of SU Students’ Judicial Council(SJC), Faculty/Departmental Presidents and the President of Nigeria Union of Campus Journalists (NUCJ).

According to the Communiqué Drafting Committee which was headed by the AAUASU General Secretary, Comrade Adeyefa Tolulope pka Elite, the following information are being released:

“Rising from the Students’ Stakeholders meeting convoked by the AAUA Students’ Union leaders for the purpose of addressing major challenges facing students of Adekunle Ajasin University, this communiqué is issued after a laborious deliberation with attendant resolutions to tackle all of them headlong.

The following challenges were outlined after an exhaustive deliberations:

i. Insecurity: Concerns were raised, and it was unanimously acknowledged that the growing increase of insecurity in Akungba Community is worrisome and that the safety of lives and properties of students are not guaranteed with the extant of night armed robbery, burglary, among other crimes focused on students in Akungba, as majority of our population resides off-campus where the current security measures are ineffective.

ii. Incessant Accidents: It was also identified that the Federal Road that cuts through Akungba has become a death trap for the students community, considering the countless cases of accidents caused by heavy-duty trucks, which has overtime taken the lives of many of our students. One of which, prominently, took the life of former AAUA Students’ Union President, Late Comrade Adesomoju Samuel on 23rd January, 2021.

iii. Circulation of Misinformation: It was also observed that passage of unverified information currently being the increasing habit inculcated among students tend to dent the image of our noble citadel of learning.

iv. No School Fee, No Examination Policy: The Students’ Union have also received various agitations from students concerning the decision of the university management to disallow students owing tuition fee to sit for the upcoming examination, expected to commence on Monday, 22nd November, 2021.


After this concerted effort of challenges identification as highlighted and expounded above, it was unanimously resolved as follows:


i. That there is a need for improved service delivery by the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), through the expansion and deployment of their personnel to Akungba.

ii. That the South West Security Network (Amotekun) and Civil Defense Corps should have functioning branches located in Akungba to further compliment the existing security measures and apparatuses.

iii. That the Students’ Union will organize a security summit involving relevant security stakeholders both at state and federal level to thoroughly discuss security challenges in Akungba Community and bring about lasting solutions to the menace.

iv. That students should be sensitized to be security conscious and vigilant, and also be their brothers’ keepers.

Incessant Accidents

i. That for the main time, restriction on movement of heavy-duty trucks, which only allows their movement between the hours of 11pm-5am, must be thoroughly enforced as temporary solution.

ii. That since only the Federal Government has jurisdiction on the road; relevant ministries, federal law makers and even the association of truck drivers will be officially written on the plight of students, as the consolidation of the union’s long consultations, of which if it yields no result, the Students’ Union will resort to a serious confrontation.

iii. That the university management must be proactive and be ready to support students in every possible means to address this particular challenge.

iv. That the recklessness on the side of commercial bike men and vehicle drivers must be stopped to reduce the risk of accidents.

v. That there is an urgent need for the construction of bumps at strategic junctions in Akungba to limit speed of vehicles, trucks and bikes.

Circulation of Misinformation

i. That the image of the University is very much important and must be protected jealously.

ii. That all members of the students’ stakeholder should orientate and sensitize students to avoid spreading unverified information that are capable of denting the university image.

iii. That a platform will be created for stakeholders to receive first-hand, genuine and verified information, which they will subsequently pass to students in their various constituencies.

No School Fee, No Examination Policy.

i. That the students’ union being an ideological organization has its rules of engagement whenever the need arises to address issues that affects the students. Therefore, the union will continue with the diplomatic measures of the first 3Cs of Aluta(Consultation and Consolidation) in engaging the university management on their decision.

ii. That, meanwhile, students are sensitized and encouraged to pay their tuition fees and carry out necessary registrations.

iii. That the university management should improve the university portal to allow students pay their tuition fees and carry out necessary registrations without any hitch.

iv. That the University Management and government should, as a matter of urgency, reintroduce programmes created to support the education of indigent students.

v. That the Students’ Executive Council, Principal officers of the Students’ Representative Council, principal officers of the Students’ Judicial Council and all Faculty Presidents will put concerted efforts together as an intermediary between management and students as we look forward to meeting the university top management.

Finally, in pursuance of achieving this important resolutions for the interests of the students, we shall continue to abide by our motto: “solidarity, oneness, pragmatism and equity”.

Aluta Continua!”

This article were signed by the following

lComr. Ogunsanmi Kolade “Multiple”,

President, AAUASU.

Comr. Adeyefa Tolulope “Elite”,

General Secretary, AAUASU & Chairman, Communiqué Drafting Committee.

Comr. Adesina Mayowa “Mayor”,

President, Faculty of Law & Member, Communiqué Drafting Committee.

Comr. Jimoh S. Anthonia “Thonia”,

President, G&C(Faculty of Education) & Member, Communiqué Drafting Committee.

Comr. Oginni Fawaz Babalola, President, Economics(Faculty of Social Science) & Member, Communiqué Drafting Committee.

Comr. Oluwagbemigun Precious “Sir Perry”,

President, Faculty of Arts & Member, Communiqué Drafting Committee

Oluwatosin Ologun “Jahworthy”,

President, NUCJ & Member, Communiqué Drafting Committee.


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