AAUA: SOMASSA’s Dean’s Cup Returns After Four Years

The Faculty of Social and Management Sciences (FSMS) popularly known with the association name SOMASSA has commenced its Dean’s cup on June 2, 2021 at the school main bowl.

The tournament was organized by the faculty sport director Oluwafemi Paul popularly known as PAULZICO. According to his dialogue with one of our correspondents, he said, “This tournament was lastly organized 4 years ago and this has been my concern since my hundred level days and during the beginning of my campaign as the faculty sport director and that is why I am glad its a dream that came true.”

The opening game of the tournament started with Geography and Planning Science (GPS) vs Political Science and Public Administration (NAPASS), Sociology vs Business Administration played the second match, while the third match was played by Mass Communication vs Banking and Finance. These were officiated by the school coach popularly known as coach Igwe.

However, the tournament is not basically organized for football only but as well involves athletic activities.

As it stands presently, there are 3 groups where distinct departments under the faculty of SOMASSA belongs.

In group A: Geography and Planning Science, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology and Business Administration.

In group B: Mass communication,
Banking and Finance and Psychology. In group C: Accounting, Economics, and Criminology and security studies.

So far, many of these departments have played there first and second matches with thus results; in group A: Sociology on 4 points, NAPPAS on 4 points, GPS on 2 points, and BUS on 0 point. In group B: Masscom on 4 points, BFN on 4 points, and Psychology on 0 point.

In group C which is the last group of the tournament: Accounting on 2 points, Economics on 1 point and
Criminology on 1 point.

The ranking of players performance wasn’t eluded most especially the highest goals scorer. According to the ranking, Ayomide from Mass Communication department has 2 goals, Jay Jay from NAPPAS with 2 goals, Sola from Sociology department with 1 goal, Ika Tomie from GPS with 1 goal, Michael from NAPPAS with 1 goal and Benemy from Banking and Finance department with 1 goal. The race of whom to be awarded the highest goals scorer is practically still on going and this is really triggering players to play in their best frame of mind.

According to the organizer of the tournament, three departments will be qualified from group A, two from group B and C while the best loser will join in the qualification at the knockout stage.

It is apparent that every team is working so hard to be qualified but no one knows who’s going to raise the Dean’s cup of this session as the game is still ongoing.


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