AAUA: Returning SIWES, Teaching Practice Students Share Experiences

As part of its vision for students to explore beyond the four walls of the classroom, and experience industry-based experiences, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, like many other institutions gave students in Faculty of Science, and some in social sciences to learn under the Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) for six months or 24 weeks.

And for eligible students in the Faculty of Education, the University gave them six weeks to put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom.

On the completion of the schemes, some students have expressed how they feel about TP and SIWES and also how the school can improve it with the major challenges faced during the cause of the training.

Bunmi from the Department of Science Education who did her Teaching Practice (TP) in Akure, said that the scheme is too much for just a week work.

That they should reduce the work they’re trying to cover for short period of time because of the student and too many students in a class

Peace one of the student Chemical Sciences department who did her industrial training at Tonex Industry said; I feel so delighted to be allowed to witness such an experience, it has been an eye-opener to so many theoretical works.

The school can improve the SIWES scheme by getting linked with companies in different fields so that students won’t struggle to get placement and also getting familiar with the works around the company.


Adebowale who is the from the department of Animal Science under the faculty of Agriculture did his industrial training in Ogun State says he feels the scheme is actually nice it helps student extend the frontiers of knowledge from the theoretical aspect to the practical aspect which broadens the knowledge of the students. It’s also aids and helps the student to have a feeling of the labour market

He said the school can improve it by making sure that each student gets proper information during the programme and also for faculty of agriculture. I would suggest that the faculty extends their SIWES location for their student since they have listed locations and also ensure they are learning. Also supervision should be on-time and no one should be left out.

Tobiloba who is the department of Chemistry who did his industrial training in Lagos said, the Industrial training is very good because it helps us to bridge the gap between the theoretical notes taught in the class and the practical aspects which brings about better understanding. He further said that I think the school should do well to assist the students in searching for placements.

Temiloluwa who is from the department of Science Education, who did her, Teaching practice (TP) at St. Louis said that teaching practice or rather Teaching isn’t for everyone. She said my first teaching practice was really stressful but the second time it was easy.

But I’d just say, it’s helpful to students who really want to further in the education line. She urged the School management that they should be considerate of people that aren’t interested or aren’t bold to teach. They should stop failing students

Jeremiah one of the student from the department of Computer Science and who did his students industrial training in Ondo noted that the training it’s nice because it helped me know more about my field and exposed my knowledge to tech very well. I learnt more about office duties and routines too. He further said that it should be twice not once to gain well and enough experience.

Jennifer who is from the department of Biochemistry, and did her industrial training in Ibadan sighted that it’s an avenue to learn beyond the classroom and really cool and it reach registered centers to reduce workload but the workload is kind of much


Chidinma from the from the department of Science Education who did her Teaching practice in AKURE said the scheme should be scrapped, not properly organized

TP was terrible, No supervision cause of fees clause, not happy and disappointed with the scheme, workload was too much.

Tobiloba pointed out that the major challenge he faced was I find it difficult to adapt to the new environment and high cost of living

Temiloluwa who is from the department of Science Education, who did her, teaching practice (TP) at St.Louis say’s that teaching practice or rather teaching isn’t for everyone. She said my first teaching practice was really stressful but the second time it was easy. She further pointed out her major challenge by saying; Waking up as early as 6am to get ready for work, Teachers in the school overworking student teachers and Supervisors not coming early to supervise.

Some student further said that their major challenges faced during the cause of the training are; financial challenges and not being taught what’s supposed to be taught but used for labour work.

Jeremiah say’s that inadequate and shortage of mobile shuttle so I do walk down to my office every day and the other challenges I do face was that he wasn’t familiar with the tools and equipment provided to me when I got to the college. He concluded by saying “There demands for extra works are too much”

Students generally said that the experience that the scheme is relevant, we get to learn something not learnt in class. She later pointed out that there should be reduction in the scheme length/duration.

She further noted that she’s been paid and I transport myself after being over used at place of attachment, plus, supervisor is choking and not being nice with the many rules and regulations.



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