AAUA: Return of robbery attacks, heavy trucks plying Akungba road | By Olufemi Damilola

Eye balls have been raised, tongues have been restless as robbery attacks return to the community hosting Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo state, after few months such had happened.

The attack, which happened on July 7 at night had students of the institution affected at their residences at night.

Recall that the institution’s examination set to start July 5 was postponed by the school management to July 12, 2021.

The circular read in part, “Any student who fails to complete his/her registration before the end of 2019/2020 academic session should consider himself/herself as having forfeited his/her studentship for the session”.

Robbery attacks return

The robbery incident established fear into the students as many made of use of their phones to inform others via WhatsApp statuses to be security conscious and stay safe so as not to fall victim of the attack.

One of the students, named Olusola said the robbery happened at about 10pm but no one was killed. While responding to the presence of police, she said, they came through one hour after the incident had occurred.

She advised the Student union, school management and the community by saying: “They all should ensure that they work hand in hand with security operatives to ensure the safety of students.”

Another student, Moyinoluwa, while narrating her ordeal said, the incident happened at Apex secondary school axis but no one was hurt.

When asked if robbery incident of such have been happening in recent times, she only said, “I can’t say about robbery but my phone was stolen through the window, my neighbors’ phone too and few people on that street on the 5th of May, 2021.”

She however said she wasn’t sure if the school management actually took issues of such serious at all.

Heavy trucks plying Akungba despite barricade

In a similar situation, heavy trucks are not allowed to ply the community entrance road are said to be back and were seen plying the roads.

It was on the January 23 that a Dangote trailer lost its control and hit students, destroyed properties in a distance very close to the school main gate of Adekunle Ajasin University. The incident had made the management lock the school main entrance even till date.

The January 23 accident had the immediate Student Union President of the school, Adesomoju O. Samuel (Sampraise); President of Business Administration, Seun Ojinni (Topmost); and her siblings (Ben, Kelvin Ojinni) and others lost their lives in the accident is still fresh in the minds of the students.

The barricade erected at the Cele street of the community to prevent trailers from passing the road has however been destroyed. This makes it easy for trailers to ply at their convenience.

It was earlier learnt that the barricade was man by some individuals and monetary bribes were collected from the heavy duties to gain entrance, until the barricade was destroyed recently.

On July 6, 2021, another trailer accident happened in the community but this time, no life was lost.

The students in their numbers have however urged the school management, state government and other relevant agencies to take the bull by its horn and take action that will safeguard their lives and the entire community.

However, neither has the school management nor the student union reacted to the recent issues being faced by the students.


This piece has been published on AAUA INSIDER with very minimal editing to preserve the original voice and views of the author.

By Olufemi Damilola



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