AAUA PROs board make resolutions, rules, regulations to guide publicity, information

The conglomeration of Public Relations Officers in Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko, AAUA, have made resolutions, rules and regulations to guide publicity and information on campus.

The conglomeration consisting of the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Student Union, PROs in the faculties and across departments reached the resolutions in a meeting held on Saturday, May 8, 2021.

This was made know in a press release sent to AAUA INSIDER by the Chairman Board of AAUASU PROs, Comrade Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi and the Secretary of the Board, Comrade Akinsulure Simbo.


Through the office of the Public Relations Officer, the board of AAUASU P.R.Os at the second board meeting held on the 8th of May, 2021, resolved to some important decisions; regulations and rules to guide Publicity and Information on campus. The rules and regulations are listed below;

1. That the AAUASU P.R.O must be in charge of all news coming from student Union

2. That Information shall be disseminated down to the grass root level. Are Faculties P.R.Os are charged to create Faculty Class Reps groups for easy connection and dissemination of information to the students, directly.

2. That Students who are active online, should make sure they contact their Faculty or departmental P.R.Os or the SUG P.R.O for easy access to information.

4. Students that are not active online were considered in the deliberation and it was agreed that “bulk SMS”, standard notice boards and the likes should be utilized to get them informed. The P.R.O of SOMASSA, Comrade Afterspeche promised to donate #4,000 to actualise the sending of the “bulk SMS” to students. The board also promised to fascilitate it when fund is available.

A contact list would be sent from the office of the SUG P.R.O through the Faculty and Departmental P.R.Os and the class representatives for students that are not active online to drop their hotlines for the bulk SMS.

5. That all Presidents of each department or at least each Faculty should try as much as possible to fascilitate means of addressing large audience. I.e Public Address system, megaphone or related gadgets.

6. Authenticate any information from the P.R.O about the institution before dissemination. Before operation, all blogs and media channels must be recognized by the SUG P.R.O and be registered with the NUCJ, AAUA. None should disseminate information carelessly or without confirmation from the authorities. And no one should go into any classroom to disseminate any information unless he/she is a P.R.O at any level, department, Faculty or registered association.

7. Publicity of any event(Banners, Posters, handbills) coming on and off campus must pass through the office of the student’s union P.R.O
Also, pasting of posters and banners around the school except on designated area is prohibited.

The press release also copied the Dean of Student Affairs, all Student Union executives, publicity/information committee chairman, all faculty PROs, all association PROs, Chief Security Officer AAUA security unit, NUCJ AAUA and the president of AAUASU.


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