AAUA Insider Set To Hold Maiden Meritorious Award Ceremony

The leading digital journalistic platform in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, AAUA Insider is set to hold the maiden edition of its meritorious award to celebrating promising AAUA students who have been remarkable and achieved extraordinary and commendable feats in the year under review.

The event is slated to hold Saturday, July 3, 2021, at the Olusegun Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall by 12PM. The event will be hosted by the superstar emcee and compere, MC Dekola and the energetic Fiyin.

According to the editor-in-chief, Oluwatosin Ologun, “the award ceremony serves to formally recognize students who excel in their chosen fields and exemplify the best attributes”.

He added that the award process started from sending out the nomination link for students to nominate who they feel deserves the award followed by the voting link for the final nominees in each category.

In defending what separates AAUA Insider awards from others awards, the editor-in-chief said the award does not celebrate frivolities.

“This award ceremony only recognizes student who are and have been remarkable and commendable in their chosen fields. It is not an award that celebrates frivolities and trivialities.

“In fact, some other groups, associations, unions have adopted and replicated our method in terms of merit. So in the spirit of other award shows claiming meritoriousness, AAUA Insider Awards is the most meritorious award ever in the history of AAUA”.

He added that, “The upcoming event is not just to present awards, on the day promising and talented student artistes would perform music, comedy and other forms of entertainment”.

Below are the categories and the final nominees.

MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN LEADERSHIP (a meritorious award for a student remarkable and active in leadership.)

Akintewe Damilola

Adebayo Tosin (Genesis)

Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi (Barryfem)

SELFLESS CONTRIBUTION TO A WORTHY CAUSE (a meritorious award for a student with an impacting, influential and sustainable project or organization)

Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi (Barryfem)

Akintewe Damilola

Junior Chamber International, AAUA

MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN FACULTY MANAGEMENT (a meritorious award for a student in faculty management with influence and capacity)

Adetula Michael Justice (Law)

Agbolahan Salam (Social and Management Science)

Oloyede Zacchaeus Zaehkkman (Science)

MOST OUTSTANDING AAUA PERSONALITY (a meritorious award for a student with an ambassadorial spirit representing AAUA in excellence within and outside the campus)

Akintewe Damilola

Adesola Ikulajolu (Oloye)

Adebayo Tosin (Genesis)

MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN ENTERTAINMENT (a meritorious award for a student with a remarkable passion and influence in entertainment)

Adekola Ajayi (Mc Dekola)

Olakanye Femi (Catalyst)

Ogundare Henry (K4C NOONI)

Patrick Okeke (Pattoski Aladdin)

MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN JOURNALISM (a meritorious award for a student amplifying the stories of AAUA with his or her journalistic writings or reports)

Agbelusi Samuel

Anjorin Phillip

Peter Emmanuel Ojo

Adesola Ikulajolu

MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP (a meritorious award for a student with a life-impacting and beyond the norm sense of entrepreneurship)

Christy Sassy Fashion World


Seyifunmi Francis Adéọ̀ṣun (Francofone Frozen Foods)

MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN SPORT (a meritorious award for an active and passionate sportsman or sportswoman with an ambassadorial spirit)

Akinwumi Olamide (Kante)

God’s Favour Chiemerie

Oluwafemi Jackson

MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT ORGANIZATION (a meritorious award for a student-developing, community development and selfless organization on campus)

Enactus AAUA

Impact Leaders Club AAUA

Junior Chamber International AAUA



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