AAUA INSIDER Editor, Reporter, and others selected for 2022 Millennium Fellowship

By Fatimah Idera.

The Editor of AAUA INSIDER, Samuel Agbelusi, a reporter, Peter Emmanuel, and other students of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko (AAUA) have been selected as fellows for the 2022 Millennium Campus Network (MCN) leadership cohort.

The MCN fellowship in partnership with the United Nations Academic Impact will bring together students across 200 campuses worldwide to build leadership skills, network, and make social impacts among others.

Samuel Agbelusi and Peter Emmanuel expressed joy over the selection in an interview with this reporter.

Samuel Agbelusi, AAUAINSIDER Editor and a 300-level student of Political Science disclosed that the application was very demanding but endured due to his imperative to take charge in the community and enhance the needed change.

“I recall reading through the mail, I thought it was another breakfast served. I feel so happy having been selected for my first application as a fellow to participate in the cohort. That is the feeling right now and it is amazing.”

He further added that he expects to learn leadership skills and work with other fellows to enhance the needed change in the country.

“As a person with a unique skill of adaptability then surely I can cope with the leadership cohort”.

Similarly, Peter Emmanuel, a reporter with AAUAINSIDER and a 200-level student of Sociology said was delighted to be an international fellow.

“The application was not easy as there is a need to be energized to make a positive goal in society but I endured because I was an international fellow.

Emma stated that he received the congratulatory message with a wide mouth open, noting that he saw it three days after it was sent.

“The cohort already made it known to us that SDG is their main motive and we as fellows should be ready to make an impact on others”, he narrated.

Other students who spoke with this Reporter stated that they could not wait for the cohort to commence.

“We were told during the Town Hall session that it would start fully after the announcement of our Campus Director (CD) on the 20th of August,2022.

Millennium Campus Network (MCN) launched the Millennium Fellowship in 2013 to convene, challenge, and celebrate student leadership for social impact. More than 5,500 young leaders from 300 universities have already participated in MCN programs to date.

Millennium Campus Network (MCN) is a global student movement to address humanity’s greatest challenges. MCN and United Nations Academic Impact have partnered to present the Millennium Fellowship.

The Fellowship is a leadership development program on university campuses that convenes, challenges, and celebrates student leadership for UN goals. The partnership began in 2018 and has had a global impact. 15,159 young leaders applied to join the Class of 2020 on 1,458 campuses across 135 nations. 80 campuses worldwide were selected to host the 1,438 Millennium Fellows in the Class of 2020.

These Fellows collectively advanced all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 10 UNAI principles. The Fellowship is expected to grow in future years.

Millennium Fellows will participate in a semester-long leadership development program to improve their student organizing, partnership building, and community impact skills.


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