AAUA: How Landlord, Wife Brutalise Female Student For ‘Bringing Boyfriend’ Home

A 100-level female student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, Ondo State, has been hospitalised after she was brutally beaten by her landlord and his wife for bringing her boyfriend to her apartment.

The victim recognised as Bolaji was said to have been flogged with cane, which left deep cuts and swollen body on her neck and at her back.

Bruises at the back of the victim

It was gathered the landlord said he called her father to report the misconduct of the female student and the father ordered him to flog her.

According to the victim, she does not have a boyfriend, the accused landlord only assumed and lied against her.

How it happened

Bolaji’s mother tried to reach her, however, the number was not reachable. Finally, she was reached through her landlady’s phone.

The 16-year-old female student decided to excuse the landlord and landlady, and have a conversation with her mother. However, the landlady was interested in the conversation she was having with her victim.

The victim felt she could have a private discussion. The victim’s deaf hears to the landlady resulted into the landlord and landlady beating her.

Deep cuts on the victim

AAUA students react

Aggrieved students of AAUA, who got wind of the attack on Bolaji, stormed the compound almost immediately to take a pound of flesh on the landlord and his wife.

But the swift intervention of policemen at a station nearby averted what could have been a major crisis in the area.

“Her parents assigned the landlord to help monitor her movement because she is young and so on that fateful day when the guy that came to visit her at home left, the landlord and his wife bounced on her and injured her.

“It was even the university’s ambulance that came that midnight after receiving a call from the Students Union Welfare Director to carry her to school’s health centre because she couldn’t walk after the assault on her.

“Other students in that area almost beat the landlord and his wife but the police arrived the scene on time to rescue them,” a neighbour of the victim told SaharaReporters.

AAUASU Welfare Director intervened

Mojisola Odole, Welfare Director of the Students Union, frowned at the injustice and promised to ensure justice for the female victim.

“I received news of one of our beloved students being brutally assaulted by her landlord. I had to alert the ambulance before the girl was conveyed to the university’s health center as she was seriously wounded.

“The assaulter is currently in police custody. He was apprehended immediately by the police for further investigation. We will never condone any inhumane act against the student as the welfare of students is our utmost priority,” she said.

Welfare Director and victim at Health Centre

The accused might be released

The accused landlord and his wife were arrested by the police division in Akungba community.

Rumour has it that the accused has a cordial relationship with the Divisional Police Officer in Akungba.

Most students of AAUA fear that the close relationship might prompt the release of the accused.


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  1. This is pure nonsense of the highest order. In as much as I understand that the parents of the student might have instructed or even engaged the landlord to help monitor the student, it does not in anyway confer the right to heap out punitive measures to such a student. This issue must be handled to the letter to ensure that no such thing ever repeats itself. People must be taught to stay in their lane. And outrightly so.


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