AAUA Hoe Story: My sexual life as a celibate

My name is Jumoke, and this is my hoe story as a celibate in AAUA.

There was this guy named Ifedayo,  I met him online during the COVID-19 break, he was a cute boy blessing with a charming dimple and diastema. Without mincing words, his smile displaying his rad cavity cum his dimples got me attracted to him.

Thanks to Providence, AAUA resumed academic activities after 10 months. It gave us the opportunity to meet physically. However, we have always had several lengthy conversations via chats, voice and video calls.

Before we met physically, we promised to bless each other with hugs, kisses and lots more. Immediately I resumed school, I visited him at his villa. I need to touch and feel the ‘audio’ sweetness. I for sure long throat for it.

In his room, we were so eager to take the relationship to the next level. Our quarantine also involved having a social distance away from sex.

Damn it! Slowly, softly and gently he placed and caressed his lips over mine, the feeling was topnotch. That got me wet at the south side. He is a quintessential sweet boy, no doubt.

This very good bad boy took me to another level; I couldn’t stop moaning silently while he gently flips his hands over my vagina at the same time sucking my breast tenderly.

The sweet boy has a sweet touch. With his finger, he gave an alluring feeling as he played with my clitoris, not neglecting my pussy walls. While moaning softly, all I could say was ‘fuck me’.

His charming lips were all over my body. I knew I vibrated when he played his lips in my ear. Aishhh! He licked everywhere and everything ‘lick-able’. He was I was a clean girl with a dirty mind. My heartbeat increased by 100 seconds.

Now it was my turn to perform. I have handles his joystick. His actions took me to cloud nine. While I gave him blowjob, he held my head to increase the momentum.

I gave him dry humping, the expression on his face was topnotch, I enjoyed watching him look ‘fuckable’. I took him to another realm, his heartbeat raised faster. I couldn’t stop licking his ears and sucking his nipples. His body was doing gish-gish.

Despite the fact that I wanted to feel his magnificent dick, my celibacy plan held me back. So we didn’t have sex.

You guys did not tell me true love was this sweet. That is unfair though.

The writer is just a narrator of an event in AAUA. The real names of the characters are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual incident or persons is entirely coincidental and unintentional.


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