AAUA Hoe Story: The Sign-out Night

My name is Ayomide, an upcoming Yoruba demon. Here is my hoe story, come along as I take you to the hoely ground.

You will agree with me that it is a good thing to write your last paper as an undergraduate of any higher institution in Nigeria. After four years, the day came for me to experience that kind of feeling.

On the day of my last paper, my sign-out vest reads: ‘Mama I made it’. Of course, I made it, my mum did a lot for me so I could finish my education after I lost my dad in year one. Now, I can celebrate.

Few colleagues already made the preparation for us to have a nice time at a spot in Akungba. Unfortunately, my girlfriend could not follow me to the party as she unavoidably left for Akure immediately we finished our papers.

There was this girl that has been crushing on me since our 3oo level days. Mercy is a beautiful and blessed  with a moderate ass and boobs. Thanks to providence, we had the opportunity to hang out together.

At the bar, I was taking my weed with vodka, and she was filling the air with shisha smoke, later she decided to take few puffs from my weed. After taking just two puffs her mood changed, and she said we should go home. The joy, though.

In my room, I told her to take a shower; she insisted that we take the shower together. I obliged. In the shower, she grabbed my dick, and started giving me blowjob. When I touch the south side, it occurred to me that she was dry. I care-less, so I did fuck her in the shower even though he was moaning so loud for few minutes before I cummed.

That is just an intro; we decided to use the bed. I decided to go down on her, I did well by licking her clean, at this time she was already in cloud 9. We started with doggy style; her screams gave me ginger as I fucked her very hard.

She gave me blowjob again, the sucking was mad, at that point I was only thinking with my dick. She adopted to be in control as she gave me a long ride. I sucked her tits in that position. Yummy!

Now, it was my turn, I spread her legs like a rumour, I fucked her so hard that it felt I was drilling a hole in her. She was screaming and saying words that gave me motivation to fuck her harder.

She said she would like to feel me, so I cum in her pussy. Then we slept off.

The writer is just a narrator of a true event in AAUA. The real names of the characters are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual incident or persons is entirely coincidental and unintentional.



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