100 Days In Office: Has Multiple’s Administration Truly Multiplied?

It feels just like yesterday, when the current Student Union executive members, were inaugurated on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 after the election that was held on September 28, 2021.

Today, Friday 14, January 2022, makes it 100 days that the executive, legislative and judiciary members were inaugurated to pilot the affairs of other students of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko.

Like every other politician or leader as the case may be, the incumbent president of the union, Kolade Olumide Ogunsanmi, also known as Multiple, mentioned what I like to call ‘Multiple’s 5-Point Agenda’.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof Olugbenga Ige, on the day of inauguration said, he would love to address Mr Olumide as ‘Multiply’ because he felt Multiple would multiply as the president of the union. Has Multiple really multiplied?

With an administration that experienced the historical ‘violent’ protest held on Monday, November 22, 2021, which later led to the indefinite closure of the institution, it might be hard to give a judgment on the performance of the Multiple-led administration.

For a fact, the president in his inaugural speech, realised that the union is facing ‘real’ challenges, however, he stated that his administration will address the many and serious problems till the very last minute.

Multiple’s Five Point Agenda

As a visionary leader that he is, Multiple highlighted some key challenges facing the studentship. Multiple is keen on providing Wi-Fi and standard lecture halls to enhance learning for students.

In spite of the life-changing and developing ideas, the administration needs to do the talking by taking action with all the human and other resources available. Multiple once claimed that the union is not financially buoyant to finance most of the projects in mind.

Read the five point agenda below:

  1. A) Ensuring deliberate and sustained partnership with telecommunications companies to bring about free internet access to our dear institution. 
  2. B) Encouraging student entrepreneurs through the creation of enabling environments and programmes for them to thrive in their respective entrepreneurship pursuit. 
  3. C) Introduction of the usage of solar as an alternative source of powering the institution. 
  4. D) Renovation of the Student union building and returning all Student Union property back to the student Union building.
  5. E) Ensuring a conducive environment for learning, hence our first point of call is to ensure that our lecture rooms and halls meets the required standard of a 21st Century University, Properly Called!

The Journey So Far

Arguably, we cannot say this current administration has failed, and on the other side of the coin, we cannot say this administration is the best thing that has happened to the studentship of the AAUA.

As I continue to document the successes and challenges of the current administration, it is pertinent to congratulate this current administration and wish them better days ahead.

Is the journey so far smooth? Anticipate my next piece on this administration 100 days in office.


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